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Generate More Sales. Do Less Math.

While you focus on closing deals, let us handle the "math." Unless you enjoy figuring out ROI, TCO, ROTCO and Net Benefit, let us do the work for you. (Real Benefits...Fast!).

For Your Website: We create effective lead generator and qualification tools. Give your prospects a real reason to buy your products or services by showing them cost savings, revenue increase, payback and more. This will become your best and most persuasive sales tool.

Laptops/Tablets or Mobile Devices: We create customized ROI calculators and TCO white papers that can be instantly viewed on almost any computer or mobile device.

Show the financial proof and close the deal!

Our ROI Calculator & Lead Generation Clients Include Startups, Emerging Growth, and the Fortune 500.

  • Bank of America
  • bluvector
  • broadsoft
  • comcast
  • fireeye
  • instart
  • halifax
  • usbank
  • verizon
  • Zebra

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Calculate Total Cost of Ownwership ... Mobile Phone Solutions
Calculate Cost Savings ... Network Security
Sales Accelerator Cost Savings ... Document Management

We have implemented our rapid lead generation and sales acceleration strategies with over 200 companies. We can show you the proven ways to increase sales and profits at the same time. Potential customers want business proof and an easy to understand reason to buy from you or they will go to your competitors. (Click here to calculate your potential sales growth for the next 12 months).

What Do Your Customers Expect From You?

We create business analysis tools that you need to increase sales. Info-Tech Research Group found 90% of decision makers require a financial analysis (ROI) and 70% expect the seller to provide the ROI as part of the sales process. Most of your customers don't have either the knowledge or the time to do the ROI analysis so they buy from the companies that will calculate it for them. Don't let your competitors call us first.

What Our Clients Say About Us.

“Licensing can be an abstract concept. With the ROI-Calc Calculator, customers see the value of our annual copyright license right away.”


Stephen Garfield
Director, Account Management
Copyright Clearance Center

“Our “retention/prospect” tool has been in place for almost two years. It has more than paid for itself several times over with new members (out of area and unsolicited) as well as retaining our existing members. I really believe it would be a great benefit to many chambers.”


Theresa Pinto
Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce

“ROI-Calc has created several beneficial calculators for us over the past 10 years. We chose to work with Glenn and his team because they are excellent at quantifying business benefits. Now customers quickly understand why Stratus is the right choice.”


Brian McLaughlin
Senior Analyst - Market Intelligence
Stratus Technologies, Inc.

We Look Forward to Answering Your Questions.

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