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We Turn Chatbots into Sales Accelerators

Our chatbots accelerate sales by engaging website visitors, answering questions, spotting sales opportunities, and delivering targeted messages. Go ahead and type "How?" in the chatbot below to see how it works.

Increase sales for less than $100/month.

You Can Put a Chatbot or Salesbot On Any Page of Your Website:

All of our Bots are good at answering questions while mimicking human interaction. We teach them to be good on the specific subject matter related to your business and add intensive sales training for the Salesbots. We also teach them to answer some basic questions; for example, this Salesbot also knows the capitals of every state.

Our Salesbot is live, go ahead and try it.

Here's an example of how you can introduce it on your website:

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our new search assistant—an instant, 24/7 guide always at your fingertips. Say goodbye to endless searching and waiting to get your questions answered. Accessible on any device, it streamlines your interactions and adapts to your preferences. You can start with the pre-coded prompts or go ahead and start asking questions.

Turn Your Website Visitor's Questions into Sales Opportunities

Social media changed how most people want to communicate. People are very comfortable exchanging messages, and 56% prefer to message than talk to someone while on a website. By initiating intelligent conversations, you can prioritize potential buyers by answering questions, identifying sales-accelerating opportunities, and delivering targeted messages that generate sales.

Through AI and natural language processing (NLP), we act as an Information Guide and carry on a seamless conversation with only your website visitors that want instant responses to questions. We can quickly identify needs and provide information and suggestions as part of the conversation.

Unlock Your Sales Potential with Your Salesbot:

Harness the power of your Salesbot to move prospects through your sales process. Proactively address questions, and educate prospects about your products and services. Capture and hold people's attention on your website in real-time to deliver targeted messages and optimize sales opportunities effectively.

Every visitor on your website is a potential customer. You can give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Swift Customer Engagement Across Time Zones 24/7:

Effortlessly cater to customers worldwide, regardless of their time zone. Provide what people desire most: prompt service and answers. A staggering 90% of users and customers prioritize quick responses to their questions, making it an essential requirement.

Set Up is Easy and Takes Less Than 10 Minutes:

After we train your Salesbot to be your AI Sales Assistant, all you have to do is copy and paste about five lines of code to wherever you want it on your webpage…that’s it! Now you can instantly give users a dynamic and personalized alternative for engaging with your website, with your new AI Salesbot enabling them to discover new information and locate whatever they need.

AI Powered and Trained on Your Specific Information


Start your 1-month trial for free for Chatbot or Salesbot. Cancel anytime. You’ll be asked to provide a method of payment so there’s no interruption in your service after 30 days. You won’t be charged before your trial ends.

AI Chatbot
  •    ✔ One AI Chatbot
  •    ✔ Support: Website
  •    ✔ 700 message credits/month
  •    ✔ Embed on unlimited webpages
  •     No Sales Training for Chatbot
$25 per month
AI Salesbot
  •    ✔ One AI Salesbot
  •    ✔ Support: Website + 20 FAQs
  •    ✔ 1,000 message credits/month
  •    ✔ Embed on unlimited webpages
  •    ✔ Sales Training for Salesbot
$65 per month
AI Salesbot Pro
  •    ✔ One AI Salesbot
  •    ✔ Website + 20 FAQs + 20 Doc pages
  •    ✔ 1,400 message credits/month
  •    ✔ Embed on unlimited webpages
  •    ✔ Sales Training for Salesbot Pro
$95 per month

Increase Your Sales Automatically

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