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About Us

At ROI-Calc we specialize in quantifying the value of strategies, products, services, processes, individual performance or group dynamics. We have even quantified the value of Customer Service and Human Resources. We communicate quantitative value propositions in simple, believable numerical terms leading to increased revenue and dramatic cost savings.

ROI-Calc specializes in three areas that are critical to the success of your organization:

  • Quantifying Your Value Proposition - using our QV methodology, our research team gathers the right data to articulate your value propositions in financial terms that are meaningful and compelling to prospects (increase revenue) or to your executive management (protect/defend your budget). We create interactive ROI or TCO documents (White Paper, Report or Analysis) that proves the value of your solution. The three-to-five-year analysis can include ROI, TCO, net benefit, savings benefit, and more, demonstrating how the your solution contributes to a prospect's business in direct financial terms.

  • Creating Custom ROI Tools - using our Simulation ROI software, we create easy-to-use tools that are highly visual, interactive, flexible and powerful. Instantly include audience input into your analysis and show the results in less than 5 seconds! Get immediate buy-in from even the most stubborn critics of your strategy/product/service/solution. Never again will you have to reschedule a meeting, waste time doing a new analysis, or lose credibility for not considering alternative points of view.

  • Training and Education - a solid value proposition backed by accurate analytics gains executive access. We can equip your sales force, marketing team, staff or management team with the information and insight they need to be successful at all levels in an organization including the executive suite.

ROI-Calc was started by several sales experts who are focused on the goal of giving decision makers the tools and methodologies to accurately evaluate and communicate a quantitative value proposition to their customers (internal and external). ROI-Calc focuses on providing you with tools that directly increase revenue, accelerate employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and raise market share.


We have provided services to each of the following companies either directly or in partnership with one of our strategic partners.


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