Who We Are

ROI-Calc was started by several sales experts who are focused on giving decision makers the tools and methodologies to accurately evaluate and communicate a quantitative value proposition to their customers (internal and external). ROI-Calc focuses on providing you with tools that directly increase revenue, accelerate employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and raise market share.


It all started with an
engineering degree from
the University of Michigan.
Glenn Clowney

I graduated from The University of Michigan (UofM), worked as an engineer for several years, then got my MBA (also from UofM) and moved through corporate marketing, finance, and IT. I left Hewlett-Packard (HP) as Director and became a co-founder of an IT venture where we secured $6 million in capital. That business didn’t survive the dot-com recession, but I learned how to start and run a business. Then, 18 years ago, I launched what has become a wildly successful consultancy that develops interactive software for sales and business leaders – to quantify the worth/value of their products and services. My job is to create multiple alternatives for business leaders to make money - and I love it. I’m practical and easy to talk to…

My LinkedIn profile has the additional detail…
Glenn Clowney MBA | LinkedIn

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