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ROI and TCO Business Cases On Demand

Our quantitative-content-on-demand (QCOD) software turns your smartphone, tablet or computer into a proposal or business case generator that creates customer-specific PDFs that can be viewed or emailed.

Dramatically Increase Sales: Increase your sales by reducing customer decision time, price discounts and sales cycles by proving the value of your solution. The analysis can include ROI, TCO, ROTCO, savings, and more.

Eliminate sales bottlenecks by automating proposals and reports:

  • Create customer-specific business cases in minutes.

  • Show how your products and services deliver quantified value.

  • Email customer specific ROI or TCO analyses that prove your product or solution value.

Our Clients Include Startups, Emerging Growth, and Fortune 500 Companies that Embrace Change.


Do You Know What Your Customers Expect From You?

A Qvidian survey revealed that only 40% of sales executives feel current marketing/sales content is actually worthwhile. Info-Tech Research found 70% of decision makers expect the seller to provide ROI, TCO or ROTCO as part of the sales process. The Key: B2B companies that provide CUSTOMIZED downloadable reports and white papers, that are instantly delivered to the customer’s computer or mobile device, are the companies closing the deals.

Contact us and learn how we can accelerate your sales revenue immediately.

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